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Hello Newgrounds!

2007-10-23 21:19:01 by eccentricsamurai

I am currently working on a very big movie that will be my crowning achievement thus far and I hope to have it done sometime within a year. Just so you know I have spent 6 months on a single action shot in this movie and so far I feel it is some of the best animation I have ever done.

Hi, my name is David Lee John but I go by David Lee, I am a Traditional Animator who graduated from the Art Institute of California in San Diego with a Bachelor's Degree back in 2005. I have been doing freelance animation since then trying to establish myself and my career.

I love any feedback or comments you may have for me so feel free to chat with me anytime, though you will more often than not end up talking with my little brother who visits this site a lot more than I do, especially considering I didn't even make this profile or upload these movies I just painstakingly drew each frame and captured them with a capture station and all that good stuff. Shit I'm not even typing this right now my little brother is why am I talking in the third person jeez.

If you want to talk to my older brother, the man in the picture over there with his stunning kimono and whatnot, just leave comments I usually tell him about them at least.


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2007-10-24 00:04:25

wow ur really good i am in grade 12 an i want to get a careeer in animation i few people have told me that the feild is dead and to go for it wont be good but its my dream s is it true theres no jobs?

(Updated ) eccentricsamurai responds:

Thanks for your comment. yes it is true that the industry has declined over the past decade, however it is ceratinly not dead. even here in america there is still work to be found, so i want to say do not ever listen to anyone that trys to tell you not to pursue a career in 2D animation. just look on TV, there are plenty of commercials using 2D such as the Charmin TP, or the keebler elves. also there are series like avatar...and actually the new scooby doo's animation isn't half bad. also there is the option of going to tokyo, which is what i am doing, i am moving there next year to pursue my career. lets face it the japanese are by far the best! ( have you seen steamboy.) plus, a lot of my fellow graduates and i speculate that soon the 3D style will begin to decline, there is talk that disney is going to start making 2D films again...and when they stopped, pixar actually bought all of disneys old 2Danimation equipment. so its very likly that soon pixar will begin to pruduce 2D films as well. my only suggestionis to have a back up...take some classes in web design orsomething that is garaunteed to make you employable...but never ever give upon 2D if you are half as passionate about it as i am!!!


I think this is about the only thing David has typed on this account, Danny manages all of this but David does the great animations so what can I say! But just so you know, if you are an adoring fan or whatever (haha), David will read the comments on this page from time to time and maybe even reply to them!


2007-10-24 00:07:22

Wow. Really impressive. Not only are you good at it but, this style is so rare these days. Especially on Newgrounds. I look forward to your future stuff man.

eccentricsamurai responds:

Thanks! I am currently working on a Miyuki fight trailer which I am investing a lot of time and effort into, hopefully it pays off :)


2007-10-24 07:42:32

Good to see some people still care about true animation


2007-11-09 00:44:52

Excellent pencil test. Glad to see some people still do it the old fashioned way.

(Updated ) eccentricsamurai responds:

:) thank you I will continue to do my best.


2008-01-18 19:28:35

you are pretty cool. is 50vk really your brotha?


2008-02-04 04:10:14

on rtils site? not sure but im certain youd be more than welcome there


2008-02-05 04:45:29

I like your work, very nice stuff.

eccentricsamurai responds:

Thank you I will continue to do my best


2008-03-10 10:53:36

Thank you for at least trying to staunch the flow of this unmitigated crap. I doubt very much your words will do more than aggrivate his tumescent, virulent form of pride, but hey, I've been wrong before...